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The Market at Medina Line is not needed in Granger Township!

Since 2019, we have been asking for thorough, collaborative consideration towards this development. Our concerns have been repeatedly neglected. We're now at the end of the line.


Our last call is to tell Menards that their current plans are not welcome in Granger Township. 

Will you join us?

















I'm emailing with the hope that you'll reconsider developing 'The Market at Medina Line' in Granger Township, Ohio. 

Granger's rural character is a significant reason many have chosen and continue to live there. This development, as currently designed, threatens the continued well-being and appeal of this township and that of nearby neighbors. If this development proceeds, my only avenue to protest that decision will be to boycott Menards, Inc.

               Please do not build the proposed project. 


... and  don't forget...

Subject:  No Market at Medina Line in Granger Ohio 


#2          Add Your Name

#1         E-mail   or   Postal

Mr. John Menard Jr., President


5101 Menard Dr.
Eau Claire, WI 54703

Send a letter to Menards at:

#3           Please    SHARE!!

We humbly ask you to share this petition within your circles. Again, this is our last

shot at putting the brakes on this significant development project. There are just too many unanswered questions and concerns at this point. This is not about being anti-development, or even anti-Menards; it's about sending the message that we expect responsible, conscientious, community-supportive development in our area. 

Thank you for speaking up with us. 

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